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My name is Nigel Rudkin and I produce body positive art, specifically watercolour nudes. I live in the UK and I exhibit my art regularly in local galleries and in London.

My work challenges the idea that female beauty only comes in small packages. My stance is firmly body positive, and my nudes are a celebration of the larger woman. In my world, the large woman does not apologise for taking up space, and I depict the joy, beauty and pride of the large woman in all her glory. My style is impressionistic and I never seek to flatter my subjects but only to show the beauty of their true form. My watercolours are of proud women who are big and beautiful, and will not be hidden away!

I try to present softness and skin tone without ever compromising modesty. I always focus on the woman as the prominent feature of any portrait, and any background is secondary to the beautiful women I have had the privilege of painting.
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