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BraverMountain Mushing 2021

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The dogs of BraverMountain Mushing are here to wish you the happiest 2021!

BraverMountain Mushing is a team of sled dogs who live with writers Blair Braverman and Quince Mountain. They split their time between the Northwoods of Wisconsin and rural Alaska. This calendar shares some of the team's experiences out on the trail and highlights important dates and mushing history (pups' birthdays!). Quince and Blair hope that the calendar helps fans of the team (hi, Ugly Dogs!) and of mushing explain this wild thing they're interested in to their friends, families, and coworkers. They also hope it brings JOY throughout the year. All proceeds help keep pups happy, healthy, and doing what they love.


  • Published Date: November 30, 2020
  • Product: Wall Calendar
  • Start Date: January 2021
  • Paper Weight: Heavyweight Gloss
  • Other: Twin-Wire Loop or Plastic Coil Bound


dogs, huskies, nature, Alaska, mushing