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Letchworth State Park 2019 Calendar

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2019 calendar of Letchworth State Park featuring Keith Walters' photography exhibition, "Beyond the Turnouts" - the culmination of a one-year photography project aimed at highlighting the beauty of Letchworth State Park from a new perspective.

The main goal of this project was to bring awareness to areas within the park that are, as the project's namesake suggests, beyond the well-known parking lot lookouts. The photos give light to the park's 60+ miles of trails, thousands of acres of wooded forests, secluded ponds, streams and hidden waterfalls in a way that is meant to showcase the park's natural majesty in a holistic manner.

Keith has donated his images to the park and the Friends of Letchworth 2019 Calendar with the hope that this work will continue to bring light to one of the region's most beautiful natural assets.

To view or purchase Keith’s photography visit:
  • Published Date: July 26, 2018
  • Product: Wall Calendar
  • Start Date: April 2019
  • Paper Weight: Heavyweight Gloss
  • Other: Twin-Wire Loop or Plastic Coil Bound
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