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Lifetime Pricing ®

Save up to 70% automatically with Lifetime Pricing.

Our system automatically calculates your pricing which is derived from the amount you have spent on products with us through the years. Simply said: the more you order, the more you save.


If our current coupon offering is better than your Lifetime pricing, our system will automatically choose the coupon offer as it automatically chooses the discount with the most savings

Store Orders

If you decide to sell your calendar in our online store, any store orders you receive will get counted towards your LIfetime Pricing. For example: Let's say you order one copy and you sell 9 copies from the store, your Lifetime Price will be at the 10 quantity pricing tier of $19.99.

Lifetime Pricing Tiers Estimates

These are estimates as your true Lifetime Pricing is calculated based on the amount you have spent with us and not necessarily the quantity of the product. If have placed several orders and used coupons, you may need to order more quantity's to reach the levels mentioned below because the coupons reduce the total value you have spent with us
Total Quantity Ordered Lifetime Price Each Savings Base Price for Selling in Store


Example 1

Let's say your organization orders 100 wall calendars the first year. Your price the first year would be $9.95/ each. Now next year if you ordered 100 calendars, your price would be $9.75 each (100 from the first year plus 100 from the next year makes your Lifetime total 200 calendars which is priced at $9.75 each)

Example 2

You order three 8.5x11 photo books which is priced at $34.95 each. Now a Month later you decide to order another book for your mom, the price for this book would only be $29.95 each (3 from the first order plus 1 on this new order makes your Lifetime total 4 photo books which is priced at $29.95 each)

Example 3

In the example below the customer has ordered 45 12x12 Photo Books which puts their Lifetime Pricing at the 20-49 Tier which is 17% savings and a cost of $43.95 instead of $52.95 per book. If they were to order 5 more, this would bump them up to the 50-99 tier and their price would drop to $42.95 per book and 19% savings. The more you order, the more you save and this is forever as we don't restart your quantity's from year to year.
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