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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the text "Type Caption Here" appear on my calendars?
No, this is taken off when you submit your order or when you preview your calendar.

How do I create a csv file from Outlook, Yahoo, and Google Calendar that can be imported into your software?
Please click here

I need to add more than one sponsor for each month, what can I do?
The software allows you to add one sponsor on the bottom of each dates page and in addition you can add more sponsors to the photo page itself. We have added many new photo page layouts in the new version of the software to accommodate this. Here are some templates we recommend:

wall layout 1 wall layout 2 wall layout 3 wall layout 5

What picture resolution do you recommend?
We recommend using images that measure in pixel size of 1600x1200 or greater. We have seen good results from pictures less than 1600x1200 but it depends on different criteria such as the lens on the camera, lighting, stabilization, etc. Generally pictures taken from a 3 mega pixel or greater camera should have no resolution problems. We have also seen great results from the iPhone and other smart phones . If you're looking for optimal results, Please use photo dimensions of 11.29 x 8.785 inches at 300dpi RBG Color Scale for full bleed images. Remember we also trim our pages, see below.

Should I allow for trimming my calendar for full bleed layouts?
Yes, full bleed image layouts should allow for up to 1/8" of trimming from the edge of the page. See image below:
trim line


Customer Reviews


"This is the 6th fund raising calendar that our community has made using the Create Photo Calendars website. We have gotten many compliments on our calendars and each one has been reported to be the "Best One Yet" It is user friendly, fun and offers many choices. I checked out quite a few websites before I chose Create Photo Calendars and none of them offered as many options. I would highly recommend this website to everyone. I give it 5 stars!"


"The interface for making calendars was very easy to use and I like all the flexibility in designing the layout. I had some questions along the way which were answered by support within a few hours. Once I approved my proof, I had the calendars at my house in 3 days. And they turned out even better than I had imagined. "


"I easily created a photo calendar with lots of pictures and filled in lots of important yearly events. I have ordered a number for friends and family. Other people have requested the calendar and it was easy to put it in the online store so others could buy it. I am very happy with Create Photo Calendars."

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testimonial 1
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