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Upload Project File to Us

Create Photo Calendar Software Users:

The file we need from you is a cpc file located in your "my documents/CreatePhotoCalendars" folder.



EZ Photo Creations or EZ Photo Calendar Creator Plus Software Users:

1. Open EZ Photo Creations or EZ Photo Calendar Creator Plus Software. Should be an icon on your desktop. If not, click Start and it will be located in your software list.
2. Open your project.
3. Now click the "Order" button (you won't be charged again)

Skip Step 1 and just Run Step 2 using your order number.

If you have already done this procedure, it is most likely a firewall issue. Do this instead:

1. Open "My Computer". Should be an icon on your desktop or you can access thru the Start panel.  

2. Locate folder: C:/createphotocalendars/ezphotocreations/pdf OR C:/programfiles/ezphotocalendarcreatorplus

3. You should see a pdf file in here. Windows Vista users may need to click the compatibility button on top. If you don't see a pdf file OR the size is 0kb continue to step 4. If it has some size to it, please upload the file to us using the form above. Make sure to place your order number in the subject to help us locate your order.

4. If your pdf file had 0kb or your software had trouble building your project into a pdf, try this: Follow steps 1 and 2 from above. Next, right click your entire C:/createphotocalendars/ezphotocreations folder OR C:/programfiles/ezphotocalendarcreatorplus and click "Send to compressed zip". Next please upload the zip folder to us using the form above. Once we get this folder, we will rebuild your project using our computers. Please allow 1 business day for this.



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