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School Fundraising Program

We have created a brand new fundraising program to help your school easily raise money.  Students sell personalized photo calendars at a steeply discounted price of $15.95 with shipping included to their parents, neighbors, or anyone else interested in creating a personalized calendar. For every personalized calendar your student sells, we will donate $5 to your school. The best part is there is no order taking or money handling, our online system does it all for you. Simply hand out the brochures and you will be able to see orders being placed in real time in your online account.

Step 1:
Create a new account and then click on the “School Fundraising” tab.  Now click the "Create New" button to apply for a new fundraising program. We will review your information in 1-2 weekdays and notify you via email whether you have been accepted into the program.

Step 2:
After acceptance into the program, you will be able to request free mini sales brochures (sample above) that are shipped directly to your school.  Once received, simply write in your School Code that we provide for you and each student can write in their name or initials into the Student Code section so they get credit for the sale. Next have students hand them out to parents, neighbors, or anyone else that would be interested in creating a personalized calendar.

Step 3:
Parents and neighbors can easily pre-order their personalized calendar by following the link on the sales brochure.  The can pre-order any quantity and we will donate $5 to your school for each calendar sold and they also save $9/calendar off our list price.  When they pre-order, they will be asked to fill in the school code and student code that you provided them on the mini sales brochure. After the parents/neighbors have ordered, they can easily create their calendar online using our free calendar creator.  They have up to 6 Months to create their calendar and redeem their credits after they pre-order.

Step 4:
Now that everything is in place, the fun begins.  You will be able to see how many sales each student has generated and get a running total of how much money has been raised by logging into our online account system.   Your fundraising program will run until the expiration date (you set) and then we will mail you a detailed report of how many sales each student sold along with your fundraising profit check 15 days after your fundraiser expires.

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If your students sell 200 personalized calendars, you will raise $1000 for your school!


School Fundraising Idea
Create a photo calendar of your school featuring photos of students, sport teams, clubs, and more. List important school events and sell the calendar to parents and others for a profit. Learn More


We provide students with free mini calendar sales brochures and there is no order taking or money handling on your part!l

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