Earn cash by creating & selling photo calendars & merchandise online.

Rescues, Schools, Clubs, and Non-Profit Groups

We are here to help you raise money for your cause. Create a storefront for your animal shelter, dog rescue, cat rescue, school, non-profit organization. See below for more information on how to get started.


You love taking pictures. Monetize your passion by creating a merchandise store. See below for more information.

Designers / Artists

You love drawing, painting, and creating things. We will help you monetize your passion. Learn more about creating merchandise of your creations below.

Social Media Influencers

You're a YouTube, Vine, Pinterest, Instagram, or FB Superstar. Earn cash from your loyal following by creating a merch store. Learn more below.
Selling in our online store is a quick and convenient way for you to sell photo products & merchandise and removes all the order hassling issues. We process all orders and ship directly to the customer. You don't have to worry about order taking, inventory, fulfillment, customer service, or shipping
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  • Create and sell photo products & merchandise easily online
  • Create your own shop in minutes (add your logo, store name, and description)
  • Low base prices so you can start profiting right away
  • Share and promote your store on your website,blog, Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter, email and more
  • System automatically cross sells with your other products
  • Your customers can pay with Visa/MC/Discover or Paypal
  • See statistics (how many people visited your page and how many ordered)
  • Checks are issued on the first of each Month when your balance reaches $50
  • Tell us who to make the commission check payable to whether it's you, your organization, or your favorite charity
  • All accounts are paid-in-full at the end of the year
  • We issue payment for orders older than 30 Days (allowing time to process returns)

How much can I profit?

Your profit is calculated by taking your sell price - our base price (see table below). However, once you have sold a few copies, we then shift you into our Lifetime Pricing Model that will earn you even higher profit margins than our base prices.
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Product Base Pricing Table

All pricing in USD.
Product Base Price (our cost to you the seller) Suggested Sell Price (your price to the customer) Profit
Wall Calendar 8.5x11 12.50 20.00 7.50
XL Wall Calendar 11x14 17.50 25.00 7.50
12x12 Wall Calendar 17.50 25.00 7.50
CD Case Calendar 4.50 10.00 5.50
Poster Calendar 11x17 3.00 6.00 3.00
Desk Calendar 9.00 16.50 7.50
8.5x11 Hard Cover Photo Book 17.50 25.00 7.50
5x7 Soft Cover Photo Book 7.50 15.00 7.50
11x8.5 Hard Cover Photo Book 17.50 25.00 7.50
8x8 Hard Cover Photo Book 17.50 25.00 7.50
12x12 Hard Cover Photo Book 30.00 40.00 10.00
11x14 Canvas Wrap 29.00 39.00 10.00
16x20 Canvas Wrap 45.00 55.00 10.00
20x24 Canvas Wrap 55.00 65.00 10.00
24x30 Canvas Wrap 75.00 85.00 10.00
Coffee Mug 11oz 11.00 17.00 6.00
Magic Mug 11oz 17.00 17.00 0.00
Colored Mug 11oz 12.00 17.00 5.00
Coffee Mug 15oz 13.00 19.00 6.00
11x17 Photo Poster 3.00 5.00 2.00
8x5 Photo Notebook 7.50 15.00 7.50
5x7 Flat Photo Card 1.50 2.50 1.00
5x7 Folded Greeting Cards 2.00 3.50 1.50
T-Shirt 14.00 20.00 6.00
Hoodie 35.00 41.00 6.00
Tote Bag 16.00 22.00 6.00
Shipping is paid by your customers See Rates

Design, sell, and promote your calendar in 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Create your photo calendar online and easily collect photos for your project.

Collect photos from your Computer, Instagram, Dropbox, iPhone, or even Contributors (friends, family, project members)! Our software lets you invite others to contribute their photos to your project so you will have enough photos for completion in no time. After adding photos, you can add events, text, stickers, sponsorship listings, imprint information, choose backgrounds, and more. When you're finished, simply click the "Sell Project" Button.

Step 2. Fill out your listing details.

Add a project description, choose your sell price, and select which categories to be listed in. You can also use the "Profit Estimator" to help you determine your profit from the sell price you choose.

Step 3. Spread the word about your project for sale.

Email it to your friends/family/customers/donors, post it on your Facebook Page, Pin it on Pinterest, or Embed it on your Website or Blog.

It's now listed for sale in our online store.

Profit checks are mailed the first of each Month when your balance reaches $50. All balances are paid in full at year end.
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