Design a Mug with Puns, Jokes and Patterns
December 20, 2016 by Create Photo Calendars Team

If you're looking for something fun, quick and easy to personalize, how about a mug?

Hot beverages are all the rage from now until the spring, and most folks enjoy hot coffee or tea all year round. They also make for convenient containers, a different way to store pens or loose items on your desk. Mugs are always useful.

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A Gift Through the Eyes of Your Child
December 19, 2016 by Create Photo Calendars Team

Wouldn't it be nice if your kids could contribute to the gift-giving process? With a little more effort than pushing a cart down the store aisle, but a lot more fun, you can enlist the help of your child (or children) to get a unique perspective for a photo project.

Grab your camera or phone for an afternoon or weekend and go off on a photo adventure. Let your child use their creativity and imagination, snapping pictures of whatever excites them. Encourage your mini photographer to go wild!

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Memorable Moments Make Great Gifts - Five Ideas for Creating the Perfect Calendar or Book
December 15, 2016 by Create Photo Calendars Team

It's a great time of year for thinking about family rituals and routines. Everyone is gathering together for feasts and parties. Why not take that inspiration--the holiday cheer--and turn it into a beautiful photo calendar or photo book?

A tip for organizing and settling on the perfect images: themes. Does your family collect a certain something (pugs) or gather at a specific spot each year (the beach house)? Frame a photo project with those favorite memories.

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Holiday Gifts for Everyone on the List
December 01, 2016 by Create Photo Calendars Team

The lights are strung, the warm beverages are steaming and everyone is in a panic to finish their holiday to-do lists. It's not too late to find those perfect somethings for everyone on your list. Wouldn't you rather dazzle your family and friends? No one wants another gift card to stuff in their wallet and forget about.

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