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More products coming soon!

From an author’s nest to this house, colorful animation leaps off the pages from Jan Ezelle’s “Legend of the Dewberry Harvester,” to now become gifts for anyone’s delight. 

What would make a child more proud than having his very own “Legend of the Dewberry Harvester” favorites in his room? These colorfully animated products are designed with the intriguing characters of Dewberry. Soon! Each will be implemented within photo books, calendars, notebooks or screen printed onto sweatshirts, hoodies, handbags, lunch bags, drinking mugs (and more!) to have as your own keepsake, or to ornament special parties and events.

Ask about our animated fleece blankets and throw pillows that we have now at: . Each will add an extra special personal touch to your child’s room. They will bring snuggling warmth and delight to your child—or anyone—who enjoys stylized keepsakes for collecting and/or displaying all year long.

If you don’t see any of your favorite animated characters (from our novel only, please) listed within, simply email us, and we’ll get them created for you!

Thank you and enjoy!

Jan Ezelle, Author
“Legend of the Dewberry Harvester”

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