December 15, 2016 by Create Photo Calendars Team
Memorable Moments Make Great Gifts - Five Ideas for Creating the Perfect Calendar or Book

It's a great time of year for thinking about family rituals and routines. Everyone is gathering together for feasts and parties. Why not take that inspiration--the holiday cheer--and turn it into a beautiful photo calendar or photo book?

A tip for organizing and settling on the perfect images: themes. Does your family collect a certain something (pugs) or gather at a specific spot each year (the beach house)? Frame a photo project with those favorite memories.

Whatever is it that makes your list, have fun and get creative. You might just have a dozen ideas to work with. We're here to help jog your memory.

  1. Dress Up Delights. Is Halloween the day of the year your loved ones look forward to the most? Make each month of your calendar or page of your book a costume highlight. Add spooky details or playful pumpkins on the borders. Fill in the days with notes about second place contenders or photos of the decor.

  2. Food Fanatics. Maybe your family always ends up in the kitchen, cooking up the biggest storm. Make your memories mouthwatering with beautiful portraits of the dishes and the cooks. You can even create a bit of a cookbook with recipes and descriptions on adjacent pages. Everyone seems to take pictures of their food these days, I bet there are some masterpieces in the delicious memories.

  3. School Spirit. Take a walk down memory lane with a collection of first- and last-day-of-school portraits. See the children grow with a chronology of toothless grins and freshly pressed shirts. This sort of photo project is great for reminiscing. Send a calendar to college grad, letting them laugh through the ages.

  4. All About Animals. Are the household pets more like family? Whether you have a whole crew of furry friends or just one beloved member, show them off! Perhaps the family dog is always getting dressed up in holiday sweaters, so pick a flattering photo for each page of a calendar or book.

  5. Location, Location, Location. It's nice to feature annual trips and favorite locales. The vacation home, the snowy cabin, the series of fabulous hotels. Wherever it is you love to remember being, it can be frozen in time with a photo project. This can be broken down even further to seasonal outings with a series of books showcasing summer through winter.

Whatever is it you're most looking forward to or simply love remembering, make it permanent with a photo project. Plus, when visitors come around, it's enjoyable to settle in around a book rather than hovering over the smartphone. It's easy, it's fun and it will be a treat for whoever catches a glimpse.

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