December 19, 2016 by Create Photo Calendars Team
A Gift Through the Eyes of Your Child


Wouldn't it be nice if your kids could contribute to the gift-giving process? With a little more effort than pushing a cart down the store aisle, but a lot more fun, you can enlist the help of your child (or children) to get a unique perspective for a photo project.

Grab your camera or phone for an afternoon or weekend and go off on a photo adventure. Let your child use their creativity and imagination, snapping pictures of whatever excites them. Encourage your mini photographer to go wild!

Pick a Theme (or a Few)

If your little one gets stumped or needs encouragement, brainstorm some themes to shoot around. A favorite color? A favorite shape? See how those parameters help encourage the photo session. This could result in a fabulous and cohesive photo book.

Pick a Location

It doesn't need to be far or exotic. The local playground, your backyard, even the grocery store can make for a great series of photos. Perhaps your child will find some great new angles of the family pets. Maybe they find wonderful textures in the plants around the neighborhood. You'd be surprised at how endearing a photo with a little finger in the frame can be!

Revisit Your Images

Once the photos are gathered, take some time to look through the images and decide on your favorites. Do you both love all the snaps incorporating the color pink? Or maybe you both can't get enough of all the family pet portraits. This time looking back through the memories can be quite entertaining.

Even if there isn't time to go out shooting new pictures, you can still go through this process with collections you already have. If the amount of photos on your computer or camera is overwhelming, stick to a few locations or events from the past to comb through. Picking a vacation or weekend can be a great point to narrow in on.

Make a Book Together

Next it's time to make the final product! We have a variety of options for the photo books, including a choice of soft or hard cover and multiple size ranges. With your images selected, it is easy to drag and drop your photos, choose different page layouts, add text, add clipart, and customize. With 20 pages included in your book and the option to add extra pages for less than $1, you'll have a complete, professional quality photo book in minutes.

You might just have a newly aspiring photographer on your hands, too!

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