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Welcome to our store. This is our fifth 9 Wild Horses calendar, and in it you meet some of the past and present members of a small herd of wild horses in the Okanogan Highlands in North Central Washington State. In our calendar you will get 14 pages and two covers of amazing photographs that have been donated by Kat Gilles Photography, (long time friends of this herd), and by the “forever homes” of adopted babies. Proceeds from this calendar will help provide hay and grain for this herd through the winter.

Our goal at 9 Wild Horses is two-fold: We want to keep this herd from growing by finding homes for all of the babies; and we want to provide as much protection as possible for this herd while remembering it is a herd of wild horses that is free to roam. We make available to them a location that is safe from ATVs, dirt bikes, drones, and spot lights while trying to limit their exposure to those who would shoot them or round them up and send them to slaughter for the money.

A secondary goal of this work is to bring awareness to the dire straits of America’s wild horses and especially the several herds located in the Okanogan Highlands. Hundreds of these horses – often times whole herds -- have been shot or rounded up and sent to slaughter. At 9 Wild Horses we hope to show there is another way to manage these herds that not only saves these herds from destruction, but also provides awesome foals for adoption while letting visitors and local residents enjoy these amazing creatures.

In addition to the calendar our store also has available posters, coffee mugs and t-shirts featuring the horses from the herd we call 9 Wild Horses. Enjoy your visit.
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