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Mission: Animal Balance is a U.S. registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to collaborate with communities in need to create sustainable and humane non-human animal management programs to prevent suffering and ignite social change.

Animal Balance’s Core Values

Compassionate Service: Helping people help animals through kindness, compassion and respect.

Cultural Respect: Actively listening and responding with understanding, open-mindedness and mindfulness, sharing global social awareness.

Sharing Information, Resources and Tools: Establishing high quality veterinary medical care in every environment - by providing learning opportunities and resources we encourage veterinarians, veterinary students, and technicians to participate in high-quality, high-volume sterilization campaigns.

Empowerment: Acting with ethical responsibility, inspiring and encouraging positive actions on behalf of animals.
Brief Overview of Animal Balance
Animal Balance creates and provides humane animal population management programs where conflicts between people, wildlife, and domestic animals occur, or where communities do not have access, or cannot afford veterinary care.
The most ethical, logical, and effective solution is a gradual reduction of the population of both community and owned cats and dogs through high-volume, high-quality sterilization.
In addition, where possible, we work to introduce and use non-surgical tools to sterilize the animals. We combine this approach with surgical means, as currently the non-surgical tools are temporary, however they serve as a critical tool, until we can deploy a surgical unit. Even a year of sterility in a dog population will buy us time, until we can reach that community.
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