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In 2017, animal lovers from the City of Waukesha Police Department teamed up with the wonderful staff at HAWS to bring you the Cops and Paws calendar. What started off as a fun idea, turned into something completely amazing that we intend to keep going for years to come.

Our goal was simply to humanize law enforcement and show the fun side of the men and women behind the badge. What better way to do that than ask for volunteers to play with animals and get their picture taken, and raise money for the animal shelter in the process?!

The result was something that even I, the editor, could not have imagined. Our little idea became a HUGE fundraiser for the shelter, and a tremendously fun day that none of us will ever forget. The staff and volunteers at HAWS still talk about it to this day and my favorite comment... they will forever see police in a whole new light. Mission accomplished!!

Our inaugural Cops and Paws to Benefit HAWS 2018 calendar raised over $700 for the animal shelter. Every single penny raised in our shop goes straight to HAWS. It does not "pass GO and collect $200", line our own pockets or fill any quotas. This was all done on our own time, just because we all love animals. All of the models, and even our professional photographer, were volunteers.

Now to "rival" the Cops and Paws line.... I give you Tails and Ladders with the City of Waukesha Fire Department. Another fabulous collaboration with HAWS and our amazing photographer from jkl images in New Berlin.

Every purchase made from our official HAWS PETS 911 SHOP is making a difference in the lives of shelter animals in SE Wisconsin! YOU are an animal rockstar!!

Hugs and paws,
911 Red

PS- If there are any pictures in either calendar that you would like to see on a mug or another product sold by, shoot me an email by clicking the little envelope icon at the beginning of this story and I will make that happen for you!
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