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Just over a year young, Little Buckets Farm Sanctuary, a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit is giving animals a safe, loving home they all so deserve. Home of 39 animals and counting and a baby to be on the way. Hoping to give many more animals a forever home.
Few members of our gang featured on our fundraising items are Bucket (Steer) and Colton (Dog) who are best friends. Hopie, our little miracle goat who fought for her life and as well as her ability to walk again and yes not only is she walking, but running and frolicking. Chief and Sterling who were saved from slaughter who both are absolute sweethearts. Our ear flapping gang of Pete, Dee, Blondie and Charlie who were saved from going to auction. Our Olive, a donkey saved from abuse and neglect who will be having her own baby soon. Our litter of kittens saved who were living at the landfill after being dumped there. And of course our little handsome boys - Miles and Journey who were saved and then traveled from Vermont to Virginia to live their happy life at Little Buckets.
Supporting our sanctuary by purchasing any of these items will help us save many more lives in 2020. Thank you so much! Susan and the entire gang at LBFS