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Growing up in Alberta, Canada summers were always spent fishing or on a few occasions camping in the mountains. Especially when my relatives from England would visit. I always remembered my aunt getting up at the crack of dawn to venture out with her camera and photograph any birds, flowers or wildlife that she would come across. I have fond memories of her teaching me about patience and being able to appreciate the simple things that nature offered. Every time we left the mountains I would always stare out of the back window of the motorhome and watch as the mountains faded in the distance. I didn't want to leave, and even till this day I still find myself staring out of the rear view mirrors trying to get that last glimpse of the mountains. Sadly as the years went on and my aunt and granny passed away I used the money I received from them and purchased my first dslr camera. It was the best purchase I ever made. Today, nothing makes me happier than spending time in the mountains. Reminiscing about those childhood memories, creating new ones and going back to our favorite spots!