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I am a self-taught photographer, originally from Philadelphia and currently living out my second act in Hackensack, New Jersey. Particularly drawn to landscape and architectural photography, I have a special love for capturing first light, where I get to immerse myself in the day yawning itself to life and bringing with it an entire world of unknowns. My goal is to capture magical moments in time that I can then make my own. I play with shadows, depth, perspective, reflections, motion and leading lines, and use the editing process to reimagine each moment and draw out the energy and power of each shot.

There is nothing that gives me greater pleasure than looking at this beautiful world of ours through the lens of a camera. I'm a photographer that loves creating a snapshot capable of telling a complete story. What the story unfolds to be is different for each person. However, the final images are meant to echo the state of my heart when shooting, and to elicit emotion and connection through my art.
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