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"Balanced Ecosystems, Thriving Mustangs"
WYWHIP is a grassroots group of volunteers who are working in the state of Wyoming to change the way wild horses are managed, by partnering with government agencies, the industries that utilize public lands where wild horses live, and private individuals to create solutions that allow the horses to remain on the landscape and be managed in a way that benefits the ecosystems where they live.
Wild horses are the only species on the landscape that is not managed either through hunting or trapping, or the livestock industry. While this makes them unique it presents challenges to maintain a healthy ecosystem. Wild horses are confined to specific areas, and if left unmanaged the population outpaces the resources available to allow them to thrive, and can impact other animals that have equal rights to the same land, such as wildlife.
WYWHIP has certified agents in the remote delivery of immunocontracpetives, and volunteers with the agencies responsible for the management of horses in Wyoming. We honor Indigenous cultural beliefs and connections to all of the animals and the landscape. We provide resources to support horses who have been removed from the wild as they transition from holding to private individuals or other situations to keep them as safe as possible. We partner with other groups who are doing similar work. Most importantly, our work is focused on educating the public about keeping the land healthy for the benefit of all who call it home.