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Dear Friends, Supporters, and Our Jack Russell Family....

2020 was certainly a year that put rescue into a tailspin and proved to be a very stressful time for people all over. The first three months of the year with COVID19 raging there were no Jack Russells looking for help. For the first time ever Jacks Galore had empty kennels and literally hundreds of applications to adopt dogs. Once the floodgates opened and dogs asked to come in, it was unfortunate that matching the many applicants with a great JRT was not as easy and smooth as we expected. But in the end wonderful matches emerged, dogs went off to their perspective forever homes and we have gotten back into a routine of adoptions once again; over 95 JRTs landed on all fours. Despite the pandemic, your amazing belief in our rescue provided us yet again with the necessary funds to continue with what we are meant to do, matching Jack Russells with the perfect forever home. This has been a very difficult time for all of us. Many stuck at home, lives upended, loved ones split apart, so we know that many of you have relied on your dogs, many of our adopted dogs, to pull you through both emotionally and physically. It's at times like this that we are grateful for all of you who step up to adopt a dog that has been abandoned, given up for reasons not of their own doing, or ended up homeless due to their humans personal circumstances. Jacks Galore certainly hopes that 2021 will bring a relief to the health crisis currently circumventing the globe, that the Jack Russells that come into our care will once again find a loving family to lead them through the maze that lies ahead for all of us. Our Jack Russells give us comfort, they never judge, they stay by our sides and they will never let us down when it comes to bringing us out of our slump. Our jacks have a way of making us go outside in the fresh air, appreciate that what we DO have and make us play. If there is to be joy in the world, if we are to be patient and caring, enjoy our surroundings and be kind, then we will follow the lead of our jacks. An exceptional dog in so many ways, comical, raving mad, energetic, feisty, cantankerous and often so ever difficult, way too smart for their own good, and often their own worst enemy; the JG jack certainly is not for everyone as we tell many of our applicants. HOWEVER, when a match is made, then we know that souls have met and that life will be good once again. May 2021 bring you all joy, calm and health. Thank you from all of us here, from the bottom of all the paws that have crossed our paths we ask that you stay true to yourselves and continue to help others and the dogs in need of this world. Enjoy the many JRT faces in this calendar – many of our alumnae bringing joy to many of us in the months of 2021.

Until next year when we meet again, STAY HEALTH SAFE, STAY IN TOUCH!!!
- Jacks Galore -
  • Published Date: November 06, 2020
  • Product: Wall Calendar
  • Start Date: january 2021
  • Paper Weight: Heavyweight Gloss
  • Other: Twin-Wire Loop or Plastic Coil Bound
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