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Knew Geometry Art Forms of Love

12x12 Wall Calendar $25.00


Black Twin-Wire Loop
Black Plastic Coil
White Plastic Coil
Clear Plastic Coil
Red Plastic Coil
Blue Plastic Coil

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This calendar is filled with artwork created specifically according to sacred proportionality by
geometers George Leoniak and Nancy Benerofe. These designs can be used for meditation purposes to assist with one's alignment and centeredness, or simply enjoyed for their beauty and space enhancing qualities. When you purchase this unique calendar, you will receive an email containing a pdf of 8 of the calendar design outlines made available as coloring pages for you to print and color to further your experience of what the artwork has to offer.


  • Published Date: November 01, 2023
  • Product: 12x12 Wall Calendar
  • Start Date: January 2024
  • Paper Weight: Heavyweight Gloss
  • Other: Twin-Wire Loop or Plastic Coil Bound

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