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Love by the Moon, live love laugh by the Sunshine

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It is naming to create great moments in time that have positively affected you. Choosing to take action somehow doesn’t have to be dramatic. Simply any moment that has had a meaningful impact on you to take note of. Step back and view the bigger picture. That will help you mobilize your strengths at that moment. So many individuals take the courage to take action in their incredible or create extraordinary moments. Takedown notes with the notebook as your personal to go to. Move forward in future endeavors with greater confidence of positive memories recall. Thus, while every defining moment might not be joyous, the opportunity to see the positive in core events of the past is always present in this exercise to create great moments that have shaped who you are. No matter how small, how has it affected your view of yourself.


  • Published Date: October 15, 2021
  • Product: Photo Notebook


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