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This calendar features images taken from Andy Larsen's recent travels, and daily walks, to favorite places both near home, and as far away as Iceland. One does not always have to go far, or look for the iconic landscapes, to be stopped in your tracks, even though some of these can be found on these pages. Stunning images can be found by cultivating what Andy refers to as "the seeing eye." It's a vision thing and requires more than running around with our cameras or cell phones to grab that Instagram moment. Simply pausing wherever you find yourself, and opening your eyes can reveal hidden beauty.

Andy's photography has caught the eye of many, including the National Geographic Traveler magazine and other publications, as well as followers on social media.

Part of Andy's story includes seeking shalom or finding hints of the longing we all have to "make hummus, not walls." A thumbnail picture of this quote from a famous graffiti on the separation barrier in Bethlehem can be found on the March page.

Several quotes throughout the monthly pages of this calendar invite the viewer to ponder the parallel movements of the inner search for peace, but also an outward movement of building bridges across cultural differences that can ordinarily divide and separate people. In some cases, we need to rethink how we interact with one another in this post-COVID world and maybe relearn how to be human again. Additionally, on the back cover of this calendar, you can find links to more stories about Andy's work in peacemaking as well as some of the specific stories and his ruminations around his use of photography as a contemplative practice.

Be sure to SUBSCRIBE with the QR code on the back cover to keep updated on Andy's 360-degree movement on the inward-outward journey of seeking, and making peace, with a camera in his hand.


  • Published Date: September 17, 2023
  • Product: Wall Calendar
  • Start Date: January 2024
  • Paper Weight: Heavyweight Gloss
  • Other: Twin-Wire Loop or Plastic Coil Bound

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