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Have some fun in 2021 with Sneezy the Squirrel, a wild eastern gray squirrel who lives on the campus of Penn State University!

In exchange for a morsel of food, this special little squirrel is willing to hold tiny props and wear squirrel-sized hats made by photographer Mary Krupa. The resulting whimsical, unbelievable, and completely unedited photos have become a global sensation.

This entertaining and educational calendar features some of Sneezy’s best photos plus an amazing “nutty fact” about squirrels for each month. Whether she's riding a tiny bicycle, saluting the flag, decorating for the holidays, or just trying on new hats, Sneezy is sure to keep you smiling all year long!

10% of proceeds from the sale of this calendar benefit the ACRES Project (, a nonprofit organization working to foster independence, self-advocacy, and community for adults on the autism spectrum in Central Pennsylvania. Thank you for your support!
  • Published Date: December 03, 2020
  • Product: Wall Calendar
  • Start Date: january 2021
  • Paper Weight: Heavyweight Gloss
  • Other: Twin-Wire Loop or Plastic Coil Bound
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