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Nature and Landscapes by Kimberly Miller

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Enjoy photographer Kimberly Miller's unique perspectives of the natural world in this collection of 2023 hanging wall calendars. Each calendar features 12 images of landscapes, seascapes, flora, fauna, and some night skies taken in some of her favorite nature and wilderness regions around the Western United States.

An avid explorer and photographer, being outdoors in the wilderness is where Kimberly finds peace in body and mind. Out beyond GPS and cell reception, where the only sounds are those of the land, sea and the creatures living there is where she feels the most whole. She brings back images that only hint at the sublime wonder experienced out in the natural world, and it is her pleasure to share those moments with you through the lens of her camera.

She hopes you enjoy this curated sample of her art, allowing it to spark joy and wonder in you throughout the year.

All images © 2022 Kimberly Miller

✔️Wire coil or plastic loop bound
✔️Heavyweight glossy stock paper
✔️FSC Certified & environmentally-friendly
✔️High definition digital printing

Order processing time: 3 business days + additional shipping/handling/delivery time.